Belly Fox for VRChat

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A ball-bellied fox for VRChat.

IMPORTANT: This package still uses SDK2! If you try using SDK3 you will have errors!!

You'll get errors if you don't have the package! Use the stub ( and convert them with the vrcsdk!


  • 4k PBR/Standard Shader Textures
  • Full Viseme Support
  • Some Body Customization
  • Gesture Overrides (SDK2)
  • Dynamic Bones Definitions + Colliders (requires Dynamic Bones package)
  • Full Body Tracking Support


  • Unity Package, with ready-to-use scene
  • Two alternate color schemes (With the Extra Skins Pack)


Ensure that you have Unity and the VRCSDK set up. You should also have Dynamic Bones imported as well.

Import the included .unitypackage file the same way you imported the vrcsdk.

Open the included scene, which should appear in the root of your project as a file with the Unity logo as its icon.

Open the VRChat SDK control panel, navigate to the Builder tab, then press Build & Publish for Windows. After setting some info, your new avatar will be uploaded!


This avatar includes a couple BlendShapes that will allow you to customize the overall shape of your avatar. To access the BlendShapes, double click on the avatar within your Scene, making sure it has an Orange outline. The sliders will be within your Inspector, in the Skinned Mesh Renderer component, possibly within the BlendShapes dropdown.

Typically I put them near the bottom of the list. For example: belly_shrink, waist_width, etc. For this particular model, I suggest decreasing one as you increase the other. 

Texture Customization

Textures will be stored within the base folder. If you would like to commission me to make a custom skin, contact me below. Substance Painter sources will be included in a separate paid version later. 


  • HandGun: Sad
  • Rock and Role: Angry
  • Thumbs Up: Very Happy
  • Victory: Blep


You may:

  • You may upload the avatar to VRChat, and use it in game
  • You may mark the VRChat avatar as public, so long as you include a note of who the original creator is (you can still make it private without mentioning me)
  • You may make modifications to the avatar, including its textures, model, and materials
  • You may use the avatar non-commercially in artworks
  • You may sell retextures or accessories for the avatar
  • You may share modifications of the avatar with others

You may not:

  • You may not claim you are the original creator of the avatar
  • You may not sell any aspect of the avatar, aside from retextures or accessories
  • You may not 'mint' works derived from this avatar
  • You may not distribute or sell the Substance Painter files

If you would like special permissions to use this avatar outside of the license, please contact me (Myaggic) using any of the methods listed below.

I am not responsible for actions taken against you while using this avatar. This includes harassment and administrative action. Please be responsible, and be excellent to each other.

Updates will be made occasionally to fix problems that may arise. When this happens, you will get an email with some update instructions and what was changed. 


Questions? Comments? Issues? Here are some ways you can contact me:


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Belly Fox for VRChat

31 ratings
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